Three Reasons Companies Choose A Certified Microsoft Partner For Their IT Infrastructure Maintenance

Managing an IT network can be a continuous project that requires staying on top of the latest changes and being able to deploy them promptly. Rather than doing this in-house, many companies are choosing to hire an outside contractor to help them with their IT needs. When selecting a company for IT support services, it is important to find a company that is a certified Microsoft Partner. Not only does it come with the quality associated with the Microsoft brand, but it provides the following benefits to businesses large and small.

Exclusive Discounts and Programs

When Microsoft unveils a new product or software package, it is sent to their certified partners first. This allows an IT service provider to offer the latest software packages to their clients, and at steep discounts. It also allows companies to sign up for special programs that can provide training to their staff and the opportunity to enroll in beta testing of new software that could enhance the way a business operates.

Highly Trained Staff

Microsoft holds their partners to high standards in regards to the education levels of their technicians. They are required to obtain a set number of continuing education credits every year and pass tests and examinations that monitor their level of knowledge. This allows a company to rest assured that they will be getting the best support possible, and avoid having to deal with an IT person who isn’t adequately trained.

Customized Software

Software packages are not always a one size fits all scenario. A certified partner will have access to an array of programming techniques that will give them the tools they need to create custom applications. This will ensure that a company is not wasting money on inadequate software, and allow them to have a system that functions for their needs perfectly. This will save money by increasing a staffing pools productivity.

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