Improve Your Lifestyle: Six Different Ways to Make Money if You Have a Disability

Nearly 20 percent of the population of the United States has some form of disability. Not only do these conditions make it difficult to complete normal daily tasks, it can eliminate the ability to earn a living. Social security disability benefits are a necessity for people that cannot work a full-time job. The benefits help to pay rent, buy groceries and get medical care but they are not always enough. Here are 6 Different Ways To Make Money If You Have A Disability to bring in a little cash for the extras everyone needs.

Clip Some Coupons

Coupons can save people a substantial amount of money. Some coupon clippers even use their skills to help friends, neighbors and local charities. The best part is that the money saved by using coupons is tax-free.

Teach a Skill

Teach a class at the library, community center or school. Show others how to knit, draw or change the oil in their car. Nearly any ability could appeal to others.

Be a Freelancer

Freelancers work the time and the hours they want and many do the work from home. There are endless opportunities to choose from including writing, data entry, and transcription. Answering services, insurance companies and many others hire home workers to perform some of their office tasks.

Find Some Pets

Pet sitting is an enjoyable and lucrative career. A disability may prevent sitters from caring for active dogs or other energetic animals, but it may still be possible to provide company for a cat, check on a bird or feed fish.

Look for Extras

Seek out other benefits and discounts. Utility companies offer discounted rates to low-income customers, charitable groups have food pantries and community dinners and many stores offer senior discounts and other benefit plans.

Get a Job

Part-time work may be possible even after working full time becomes too physically challenging. Consider signing on with a temp agency. They help to find people jobs that match their skills and abilities.

Social security disability recipients can earn up to $1,170 per month without it affecting their payments. In addition to the money, working helps many people to feel more fulfilled and capable. The rates of depression decrease when people work because they socialize more and have a purpose. It is worth the effort to find something to do even if it is only for a couple of hours each week.